The Panic-Free Horsemanship Club

Online horse training videos to help you succeed with your horseHorse Training, Horsemanship, Care, Health, Fitness, Riding, Bitting, Tack & more

Stop dealing with problems and start enjoying your horse more...

In The Club You Will:

✅ Learn how to train calm & responsive horses through Gavin Chaplin's Panic-Free Horse Training method (Groundwork & In-Saddle Training + MORE)

✅ Improve all aspects of your:
Horsemanship, Riding, Horse Care and Horse Knowledge

✅ Discover how to solve the many problems you may be facing with your horse: buddy sour, impatient, hot, lazy, unresponsive, spooky horses and more

✅ Plus learn from different Equine Experts through EXCLUSIVE interviews and mini-courses: bitting, hoof care, veterinary, dental, saddle fit, muscle function & fitness, etc.

✅ And much, MUCH more...

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Step-by-Step Video Courses For All Aspects of Horse Training & Horsemanship

For beginners, right the way through to advanced...

✅ You get INSTANT (and unlimited access) to all courses and expert interviews currently in the Library - and those currently being added to the Library:

Horse Training




Horse Care, Health & Veterinary

Fitness, Strength & Muscle Function

Tack Selection & Correct Fitting


Monthly Live Q&A's:

Every month you will be able send in your questions and videos for Gav (or one of our Experts) to answer and review, in our monthly live Q&A.

Plus watch answers and reviews from past Q&A recordings.

Get Help & Support:

Through the Panic-Free Horsemanship Facebook Group you'll be able to chat with others who are all working towards improving their horse riding, horse training, and horsemanship skills, and more...

Plus get help and feedback directly from Gavin Chaplin and other Equine Experts.

What People Are Saying:

"Gavin is a man with a Wealth of Knowledge. Love watching his videos. Learn something new every time !!"
- Debra McQuillan

"Gavin is an amazing coach and horseman - I have tremendous respect for him"
- Karen Fourie

"FANTASTIC!!! Learned so much. Glad I invested the money and time in this video series... I Love how the videos are presented for the average person to understand."
- Laurel Hawton

"Thank You Gav... Good hands, legs and seat... skill, are really the thing that stood out for me (in the course)."
- Debra Parkinson

"Very interesting and helpful - thank you! My discipline of choice is dressage, and I really like the way you've got these horses working from the Hind Quarters."
- Candice Cooper

"I like the natural progression of training / learning Gav uses... Follow the steps and come out with a good, well trained horse and a safe experience for horse and rider."
- Julie Anne Bair Collins

"Gavin is a wealth of Equine Knowledge! He is also very willing to answer questions and address specific problems."
- Kristy Isley Gusick

"I am a big fan - the videos are simply great: to the point, honest and based on thorough experience - thank you"
- Christian Mellentin

"Gavin, I have thoroughly enjoyed this special set of videos. I have ridden for decades and always wondered how i could "condition" the horse better so she is more responsive and capable. Your instruction is excellent. I have already put it to work with tremendous results. Almost as if my horse is saying "Oh, THAT's what you've been asking all this time. Sure. Here you go!""
- Michael Denby

I'm not a particularly good rider but the way Gav explains & demonstrates the techniques in such an easy to understand way has helped me to improve my riding so much in a short time."
- Robert Hoe (United Kingdom)

"I love all the information you have in your videos ...glad I bought the course"
- Denise Maudsley

About Gavin Chaplin:

Gavin Chaplin is the creator and founder of the Panic-Free Horsemanship C (&, an online equine education resource teaching riders and horse trainers.

With over 30 years of coaching experience, and longer of playing high-level equine sport and horse training experience; Gav's passion for horses is second to non. And with his "Panic-Free" Horse Training method he is helping rider's worldwide have a higher level of success with their horses.

Gav has also worked closely with many different Equine Experts like Bitting Expert, Bomber Nel, on creating education and resources around those different subjects - with both the horse and rider in mind.

A sample few his video lessons have been viewed over 3,721,628 times on Facebook and Youtube.

Enrollment is Currently Closed: